Are There Snipers at Sporting Events?

are there snipers at sporting events

Military sniper training is a rigorous, time-consuming endeavor. Military snipers must not only be proficient marksmen but also adapt well under stressful conditions and deal with ever-shifting target environments. Due to this fact, many military snipers split their time between qualification and field craft training and high power shooting competitions.

However, that doesn’t mean snipers won’t be present at sporting events; this is actually quite common and should be expected of any major event that could draw large crowds or could potentially be disrupted by someone or some group trying to initiate violence or commit acts of terror.

As such, several tactical trainers offer courses designed specifically for police snipers deployed to protect public venues like stadiums or arenas, like stadiums or arenas. One such course is called the “Police Sniper Response to a Public Venue Course”, designed to teach police snipers how to deploy and operate from overwatch positions within public venues with potential of being targets of attacks from both terrorist organizations as well as individuals.

In addition to classroom learning, this course includes hands on live fire practice with precision rifles into purpose built rifle traps in an actual public venue. Students learn how to prepare in advance for venue protection operations by creating liaison relationships with facilities, inspecting grounds thoroughly, and planning where overwatch positions will be placed during an event.

Students are instructed on identifying any potential points of attack such as exposed propane tanks or ammonia nitrate fertilizer storage facilities that could serve as targets. Rifles are then used to scan crowds for potential threats and train students on how best to respond when encountered with one.

Ouch! Although having snipers at major sporting events may now be standard practice, it can still feel unnerving to think someone may have their gun pointed in your direction while enjoying your hot dog and cheering for your team – especially after recent attacks at large public events.

Carlos Hathcock and the other Navy SEAL snipers charged with the task of rescuing Capt. Richard Phillips from his captors aboard an unsettled ship in the middle of the ocean are unlikely to ever find themselves in Carlos’ shoes; their mission required precise shots from long range with no clear line-of-sight, as well as proper equipment and an experienced sniper – but don’t let that dissuade you from enjoying your next football game or concert; these extra precautions provide just an extra level of security!